Monthly Archives: October 2013

Mount St. Louis Hill Climb

Today, Cindy and I climbed six hills of Mount St. Louis ski resort.  529m total elevation gain over the 8km / 2 hour hike.  On my first day at Mt. Kilimanjaro I wil be climbing over 1200m in six hours.

The steep hill climbing, without any stairs, certainly puts a strain on my calves.  I’m also starting to work on managing my nutrition throughout a tough work-out.

Climbing Six Hills at Mount St. Louis

Bike Intervals

Interval Bike Workout - Warmup, 5 reps of 5 min Hard x 2 min Easy, Finish
Interval Bike Workout – Warmup, 5 reps of 5 min Hard x 2 min Easy, Finish

My training includes a weekly interval bike ride.  This is the 20 km loop that I like.  My husband, Markus, joined me for this ride.

Meet & Greet

Outward Bound Canada hosted a “Meet and Greet” for alumni and 2014 participants of the Reach Beyond Expeditions Mt. Kilimanjaro Climb.  I met five of the eleven participants that I will be climbing with.  We were able to share our fundraising successes (and challenges), training regimes and get to know our fellow climbers for the first time.  One of the alumni told us that the experience is “like doing the hardest thing you’ve ever done – while nauseous”.  The other climbers that I met come from various backgrounds, different parts of the country, range in age and experience.  We all share a common excitement for this opportunity and can’t wait to meet again in Africa!

We had a presentation on gear and packing by an experienced climber.  At the end of the night we received a “swag bag” with some Outward Bound promotional material.  My favourite part of the whole night – I got a BUFF!  As a true Survivor fan (guilty pleasure) – I am very excited to have a buff 🙂