Kilemakyaro Lodge

There are not enough positive adjectives to describe the day I have had today!!! We started the day opening up our cabin door to a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro. She is beautiful! It is amazing how you can see a thousand photos of something, but it is still so different in real life! It is hard to imagine that I will climb to the top – it is so high!!! We had a group breakfast to discuss the plans for the day. The fruit here is delicious!! Here’s a photo taken from my breakfast table:

Breakfast by Mt. Kilimanjaro

Late morning we had a group hike through the coffee plantation. It was very hot and humid – but my pack and boots felt great! In the afternoon we packed our duffel bags for the porters to carry, and my day pack.

Tonight we will have dinner, and then head to bed early. We leave for the mountain at 9:00. My job now is to have everything charged and organized for the mountain!

A great day in Tanzania!!

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7 thoughts on “Kilemakyaro Lodge

  1. Hey have fun but be careful and take care of yourself. Make sure you are aware of signs of Altitude sickness. this can be very serious. The guides only seemed to be interested in getting people to the top and not their well being, so it is up to you.

    That said it is an incredible Journey. Enjoy the trip!

  2. Glad you made is safely! Enjoy every minute of it!! You are right, there are no words to explain it…..

  3. Looks like great weather for your climb. Good luck Kristen and we look forward to following your adventure! Go for it!

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