Day 2: Another Great Day – Shira Camp

We are now at Shira Camp.  I am sad to say that my cell connection is not good, so I realize these blog posts are not getting posted in a timely manner (or at all).  I will write anyway.

Today was another fantastic day.  We walked for almost 7 hours, and gained about 900 meters of elevation.  The landscape is Mooreland.  The bushes are lower, the rocks are mossy.  We had another great day of weather – no rain, and a comfortable temperature.  I was even in a tank and shorts for part of the day.

The porters and guides with Chagga Tours are great.  They are so caring.  We arrive to camp and they have hot drinks waiting, tents are set up, and they bring us a basin of water to wash.

I am taking in every moment of this adventure.  Thank you all – I love this 🙂

Machame to Shira