Day 5: Morning at Karanga Camp

View of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Karanga Camp
View from my tent this morning at Karanga Camp.  That’s the Chagga Tours flag.

It’s 7:30am Sunday morning at Karanga Camp.  Weather is absolutely perfect this morning, about 7 degrees, sunny.  We’ll be above the rain now, when the clouds roll in.

Today’s destination is Barafu Camp (4600m / 15,260′).

8 thoughts on “Day 5: Morning at Karanga Camp

  1. Wow, Kris…what an amazing experience! We’re really enjoying following your progress…and your wonderful pics. Looks like you are having some good luck with the weather…hope that keeps up.

    Best of luck with the rest of the journey…we look forward to your pics from the summit.

    Love, B & C

  2. As we look out on this very wintry, snowy, blowy day, we think of you above all of the weather and continue to be very excited for you.

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