On Their Way to the Top!

Sarah, the team’s leader, posted this today:

We are heading up to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro – Uhuru Point – tonight at midnight. Everyone is feeling good, excited and a little anxious. It should take us between 6 to 8 hours to summit, ascending 3500ft or 1000m. We will then descend back down to our high camp at 16000ft and then onto our final resting spot tomorrow night at the Milenium Camp at 12500ft. We will put up a post tomorrow morning to let you all know how we did.

Spirits are high and we are thinking of you all. Send good thoughts our way!

As they’re making their final ascent, the sun will be rising…

Countdown to sunrise on summit:


Sunrise on Mt. Kilimanjaro Summit Night
The sun is starting to rise on summit night.
A couple headlamps are visible in the foreground.

18 thoughts on “On Their Way to the Top!

  1. Thanks Markus for the countdown clock! We will be thinking of you all tonight !!! Good luck Kris!!

  2. Happy to see that all is going well! Thank you for all the amazing updates, and pictures. I like the count down clock Markus! Have a fantastic climb to the top. You can do it! Enjoy your final journey up! You have worked hard for this day! Good Luck and have fun

  3. So cool to see the countdown! We are all very excited for you on this adventure!
    Can’t wait to hear the stories live in February 🙂 we are rooting for you !! I am adding all the exclamation points so you know we are sharing your enthusiasm !!!! 🙂

  4. Hey Kris,
    I can’t read your posts without becoming teary. I admire your determination and perseverance. I will be thinking of you at the top over the next few hours, truly living the spirit of “Women of Courage”. I’m proud you are my friend. Jo

  5. One hour to summit! This is so exciting! Love this count down clock. Anxiously waiting for your top of the mountain celebration post!

  6. We’re watching the countdown with our hearts pounding for you! We’re so proud of you and excited for you! Savour every moment. Much love, M& D

  7. So happy for you and all you are achieving in this difficult climb Good luck on your final climb

    Love Rick & Sharon

  8. Well done Kris! Enjoy the view. So proud of all your efforts! This is one Monday you’ll never forget!

  9. Hey Kris, hope you’re enjoying the sunrise as you approach the summit. I’m sure that all your hard work is paying off and you’re going strong! We love you, miss you and are very proud of all that you’ve done.

    We all look forward to hearing from you when you’re able to send a note!!

  10. Wow what a day! We have been thinking about you and sending lots of love and good wishes! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

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