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1 More Sleep

Well – there is no turning back now.

The majority of my gear is packed. Today I packed my duffel bag (that the porters will carry) and my backpack (that I will carry) and weighed them. My duffel can only be 25 lbs. Then, I unpacked it all and put it into my suitcase for the airplane. I will bring a suitcase, and it will stay at the Lodge while I am on the mountain. OBC has provided an excellent packing list, and I am following it religiously.

My girls and I are all a little hesitant tonight. I will miss them like crazy. They aren’t sure they want to try life at home without Mom. Cameron has stated a few times that she wanted it to stay Saturday forever; she’s not looking forward to Sunday. Luckily, we all have Markus – he is our rock, and convinces us all that everything will be fine.

One more sleep, and I am on a plane to Africa…a dream come true!!!!!

(This post was posted from my phone – to practice for the mountain!)

2 Months

countdownI first learned about the opportunity of this adventure in November, 2012.  I submitted my application video in April, 2013.  It became a reality that I will be going to Tanzania in May, 2013.  It seemed like a long way away…..

Two months from today – I start my adventure.

The reality is setting in.  I feel like the majority of my preparations are falling into place – medical, fund raising, fitness training, gear, etc.  However, the thought of being away from my family for 12 days is not getting any easier.


Four Months

Four months from now I will be on the plane – flying to Africa!!  It is exciting, thrilling and very scary all at the same time.  I will admit that in the past nine years the longest I have been away from my girls is 3 nights.  And now, I plan to  be half way across the world for 12 days!  They will have a fantasic “Daddy & Girls” time – but I will miss them all like crazy!