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From the time I leave my house on Jan.12, until I return.

We Made It

We made it! I had a fabulous 10 hour flight from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro. I saw the snow peaked Alps, Mediterranean Sea and Sahara desert. I did a happy dance when we got off the plane. I am in AFRICA!!! Tonight we are heading to the lodge, and off to bed.

Love to all!

1 More Sleep

Well – there is no turning back now.

The majority of my gear is packed. Today I packed my duffel bag (that the porters will carry) and my backpack (that I will carry) and weighed them. My duffel can only be 25 lbs. Then, I unpacked it all and put it into my suitcase for the airplane. I will bring a suitcase, and it will stay at the Lodge while I am on the mountain. OBC has provided an excellent packing list, and I am following it religiously.

My girls and I are all a little hesitant tonight. I will miss them like crazy. They aren’t sure they want to try life at home without Mom. Cameron has stated a few times that she wanted it to stay Saturday forever; she’s not looking forward to Sunday. Luckily, we all have Markus – he is our rock, and convinces us all that everything will be fine.

One more sleep, and I am on a plane to Africa…a dream come true!!!!!

(This post was posted from my phone – to practice for the mountain!)

Day #2 – another great day!

We are now at Shira Camp. I am sad to say that my cell connection is not good, so I realize these blog posts are not getting posted in a timely manner (or at all). I will write anyway.

Today was another fantastic day. We walked for almost 7 hours, and gained about 900 meters of elevation. The landscape is Mooreland. The bushes are lower, the rocks are mossy. We had another great day of weather – no rain, and a comfortable temperature. I was even in a tank and shorts for part of the day.

The porters and guides with Chagga tours are great. They are so caring. We arrive to camp and have hot drinks waiting, tents are set up, and they bring us a basin of water to wash.

I am taking in every moment of this adventure. Thank you all – I love this 🙂

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