Day 5: Karranga Valley to High Camp

Kristen at Karanga Valley Camp
Getting ready to depart Karanga Valley Camp

We are so close now!!!!! It is absolutely amazing how great this is!!! Today we left Karranga camp at 9:30. We climbed to Barrafu camp to have lunch at 1:30. Then, under the amazing leadership of Outward Bound and Chagga Tours we were able to secure a camp site at Kosovo. It is another 200m up – which means we are that much closer, and that have that much less to walk tonight.

Team Outward Bound has declared this “Christmas Eve”, and Santa might be over New Zealand at this time. We are just waiting with anticipation what lies ahead. Tonight we will go to bed at 6:30. We will wake up at 11:00 to start our final ascent for the summit. The ascent will be cold and dark. I am organizing my snacks, electronics and multi-layers of clothing now.

Hopefully next time I blog I will have a report on what it is like at the roof of Africa 🙂

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